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Why Callatis?

     A Greek colony named Callatis was founded in the 4th century B.C. During the rule of Macedonian King Amyntas 3, on the shores of the Black Sea. Callatis has an important development period, with Romans.

     Like Rome, and other great cities of the Roman Empire, Callatis has artistical institutions, learned People, and famous artists, and become famous for their Thermal Baths, and beautification. Steam Therapy Body scrubs, massage, and other physical therapies were all available at the bathhouses. It was one of the Most important ports on the west coast of the Black Sea.

     Nowadays, Callatis is known as the city of Mangalia, in SE Romania and is the oldest city, continuous Inhabitated, on the actual space of Romania. Callatis has the natural cure factors of the water of the Black Sea, Baths with cure factors, therapeutical mud, and the marine climate, rich in saline aerosols wonderful for the body, Important factors for treatments and beautification. Callatis, in Greek means “The Most Beautiful”...

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