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Skin Care

CallatisSpa - Facial Skin Care

The haute couture of luxury skin care
HydroPeptide and Glo Skin Beauty Products for all facials are customized according to the skin type.

1. Customized Mini Facial

Price: from $55
Treatment time: 30 minutes

A basic mini facial that includes cleansing, toning, scrub, and moisturization customized for every skin.

2. Facial With Aromatherapy Signature Facial Pleasure Of The Senses

Price: $120
Treatment time: 60 minutes

Our signature treatment is the brilliant osmosis to expressly awaken complexion, brightness and youthfulness, leaving it unbelievably fresh and dewy. Inspired by Yoga tradition, this facial works to re-balance the 7 core points of the body in order of spiritual refinement for enhanced energy flow. Superb energy through Chakra Therapy. Captivating aromas through Sensory Therapy. Perfect balance of the Body, Mind and Spirit. After this luxurious treat, the signature facial includes a gentle cleansing, botanical exfoliation, steaming followed by a relaxing facial, neck, and shoulder relaxation massage with a customized mask to purify and refine the skin. Hands and arms are also moisturized and massaged.

3. Deep Pore Purifying

Price: $95
Treatment time: 50 minutes

A deep cleansing spa service that includes steam and exfoliation that melts away any surface blockage of pores, removes impurities and reduces roughness of the skin surface followed by a purifying mask.

4. Customized Anti-Aging Facial

Price: $135
Time: 75 minutes

It is recommended to help mature skin looking more radiant, plum and glowing, improving collagen into the skin. This treatment will combat premature signs of aging and improve elasticity of the skin.

5. Glycolic Peel

Price: $75
Time: 30 minutes
*Added With A Facial: $45

Glycolic acid is a natural ingredient derived from sugar - cane, from the family of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's), which are found in many fruits and foods. Glycolic Spa treatments and home use products have been founded to address the skin concerns, like: acne prone sin, and oily prone skin. Great for everyone!

6. Collagen (With A Facial)

Price: $45
Time: 10 minutes

A moist blanket of pure collagen fibers which provides super hydrating therapies and helps in combating premature signs of aging and improves elasticity of the skin.

7. Just For Men

Price: $95
Time: 45 minutes

A deep cleansing facial designed specially for the special skin care needs for men. Steam, heated hands service and a luxurious face and neck massage, followed by a customized mask.

8. Purifying Back Or Chest

Price: $95
Time: 45 minutes

Deep cleansing with special attention to breakout conditions.This package includes cleanse, tone, exfoliate, steam and mask.

9. Teen Facial

Price: $65
Time: 30 minutes

Let's begin to prevent! Includes cleanse, tone, steam and a customized hydrating cream. This facial introduces the basic of proper skin care.

10. Eye Contour

Price: $50
With a facial: $40
Time: 30 minutes

Eye contour spa service for all ages, ideal for stressed and tired skin: removes signs of fatigue and imparts a feeling of well-being. Drains the treated area and reduces dark circles around the eyes and smaller wrinkles found on the eyelids.

11. Extractions (With A Facial)

Price: $35
Time: 20 minutes

This step is recommended for those with black heads and acne. It will help the skin to look refreshed, cleaned and glowing. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the skin to calm after this service.

Very important ! If is not an effort of time or money we recommend facial every 4-6 weeks for a long term investment.
After every treatment you will see a ballanced and natural glowing skin.
Series of 5 - 7 facials are recommended for better improvement for your skin.

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My philosophy is to treat everyone REGAL, like Kings and Queens!

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