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     Through history, hair has been used to enhance beauty. Unwanted hair has been removed through the eras by variety of different methods: rubbing off with different stones or seashells, using chemical methods. Face and body hair removal has become increasingly popular in the last years. Excessive or unwanted hair could be removed at Callatis Spa through waxing, using Satin Smooth products, special treated for different type of skin and hair, antibacterial, products designed to remove the hair while smoothing and restoring the skin's moisture, calming, soothing, and repair sensitive skin.

Ultra Sensitive Zinc Oxide Wax - formulated for acne and blemish prone skin.

Tea Tree Wax With Eucalyptus - made with 100% natural oil, for any type of skin, ideal for sensitive area.

Aloe Vera Wax - designed for sensitive skin, protects from irritations, while soothing and restoring skin's moisture.

Calendula Gold Hard Wax With Tea Tree Oil - calms and soothes skin inflammation.

Wild Cherry Hard Wax With Vitamin E - protects skin from irritations, formulated for fine to medium hair.

Wild Cherry Hard Wax With Vitamin E - relaxing the hair follicle, creates a soothing waxing, designed for thick, coarse hair, for all types of skin.
For first time waxing, we can use on Analgesic Numbing Spray, which numbs the surface of the skin. Contains NO ALCOHOL and 4% lidocaine. Requires small amounts to be effective and it is recommended for all body areas, can be used on all types of skin.

Waxing Tips:
Before the waxing service, complete the confidential skin health survey, and disclose all products and medication, both topical and oral, along with any known disorders or allergies. When you book your appointment, specify the type of hair for better waxing results. For a successful waxing, the hair should be at least 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch long to be effective.

Before a spa service drink plenty of water. Hydration is very important and healthy for succesfull rejuvenation. Check it out our healthy water.

Tips For Prior Waxing:
Don't shave or tweeze the area at least 14 days before to waxing. Release, ingrown hairs 4 to 5 days before service. Exfoliate the area 24 to 48 hours before service.

For all spa services, Callatis Spa is using equipments that combine advanced scientific technology with natural materials that are environmentally renewable and help you to enjoy refreshing, healthy sleep. Also during the waxing services you might experience less pain. Check it out our healthy sleep system.

For people with no tolerance to pain we recommend to take one or two pain pills 1 or 2 hours before the service (especially brazilian wax).

Tips For After Waxing:
Do not take hot baths. Do not apply make-up, parfumed products, or tanning lotions for 24 hours. Do not exfoliate waxed areas 24 - 48 hours after waxing Do not expose to tanning beds 24 - 48 hours after waxing.

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Full Legs and bikini $ 80.00 +   Half Arms $ 40.00 +   Full Face wax $ 55.00 +
Full legs $ 65.00 +   Under Arms $ 35.00 +   Sides of Face $ 35.00 +
Bikini $ 40.00 +   Eyebrow touch - up $ 15.00 +   Back or chest $ 65.00 +
Lower half legs $ 55.00 +   Eyebrow Reshaping & Sculpting $ 30.00 +   Abdomen $ 29.00 +
Upper half legs with bikini $ 65.00 +   Eyebrow, lip & chin $ 28.00 +   Toe wax $ 10.00 +
Upper half legs $ 55.00 +   Lip $ 12.00 +   Brazilian (front & back areas) $ 85.00 +
Full Arms $ 50.00 +   Chin $ 12.00 +   Brazilian (front area) $ 75.00 +

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