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      Come and celebrate 8 years in business with us @ Callatis Spa! Serving customers from Ohio and other states, we are always providing excellent quality spa services to our customers for beautifying, better self esteem, better emotional balance - Balance for Body, Mind and Soul. Come and have your own experience @ Callatis Spa. Give away gift certificate for great balancing services to your loved ones!
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Wellness Presentation - April 23, 2014
Free Event: Nutritional Workshop and Luncheon; Wellness products and Technologies! 

Hi everyone, 

Are you living your dream?

The pressures of daily living a busy life style, busy work schedule, inadequate  personal time, not enough rest/sleep, environmental challenges can lead us to a life out of balance, stress, disturbance of our natural balance.

Come and learn how to have a balanced approach to living strengthens that result in a more satisfying, healthy and rewarding lifestyle.

Learn how to attain this balance, through organic supplements, good quality water, air, sleep, light.


Give us the chance to share with you information and testimonials about these wonderful technologies and products in our personal life, family and customers.

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